Curio Concept Photo on Porter Airlines Magazine!

If you’re flying local in Canada and get your hands on Porter Airlines in flight magazine – The Re:Porter – you may find my photo of Curio Concept store in the June/July 2017 issue! Also, if you do get your hands on it, can you send me a copy?! Until then, here is a pdf version!

Thomas Jackson headshot used in USA Today!

A few year’s back, I took some staff photos during the National Development Council conference and didn’t think anything of it. Flash forward to the present, I find out that one of the members, Thomas Jackson, gets featured on USA Today using my shot! It was such an impromptu moment that have now made a lasting impression in an exceptional newspaper. I am grateful!

New in Town Full Page on RunWashington Magazine!

In the most recent issue (Spring 2017) of RunWashington, I had the opportunity to work with writer Andrew Gates on his story about how new people in town find connections by joining running clubs around the area.

How amazing to see that my shot was a full page to aide with the article!